2012 Totem to Totem Marathon: Race Report

Saturday, July 21, 2012
The 2012 Totem to Totem Marathon, Half-Marathon and 10 km run are done. This year the event was special. The overall numbers were up. The number of locals taking up the running for the first time was up too. The number of off island runners participating was amazing. This year Totem to Totem went National and International. We had runners from Alberta and Ontario. Moreover we had international runners from Alaska, North Carolina, Florida, Vietnam, and the Netherlands.

The stories told, the friendships made and the love shared could not be fully described in words. Like marathon moments, that sweet mixture of the senses, a view never to be forgotten, and the emotions of success, we the runners enjoyed this event in such a way as it will be a forever time to remember.

The story of the marathoner who ran 155 marathons running alongside the “newbie.” The seven-time marathoner with a previous best time of 5:38 finishing in 5:25:50. The first time half-marathoners. Our first walker for the half marathon. And, the three 10k runners who stopped to shop in the village but carried their purchases to the finish line to complete the run. It was great to see those who returned and we look forward to seeing them again. Everyone enjoyed this year’s event.

Some marathons are hot some are cold; Haida Gwaii has weather for all. The weather at the marathon start was cool but after they were gone the weather turned to rain for the 10 km. However, this rain was so localized that it did not rain on the whole race. It is something when you are running alongside another and you have to discuss if the mist is rain or just water blown up from the ocean. We saw sun and there was a bit of a crosswind. The weather story at the start line from the volunteers that stand and wait for runners is always unique. They seem each year to get the four seasons while we who run get summer and spring only. To them and to all the volunteers, we say Howaa (thank you). It is those people that make this thing happen.
Race times will be posted next week as our web mistress will be in Masset for a break.

Totem to Totem 2013 is set for Saturday July 20, 2013