Goats at Miller Creek

My sons and I had the most fun volunteering at the Totem to Totem Marathon this year. The highlight (no offense to the runners) was the visit we had from two cheeky goats. They were quite large and at the time, we had no idea where they got loose from, so there was a moment of panic and phone calls since we were on the highway and wanted them to be safe. The goats were quite persistent and we were all scrambling to keep them from the table- after all, we had to protect the water and the goo! We eventually were able to walk them back down the path – even though the one I was “escorting’” kept trying to poke me with its horns. It turns out they lived at the end of the lane way and were not loose but rather free range pets of a very kind gentleman who later brought us watermelon (highlight #2!) and cut it up with a pocket knife on our table, keeping half for his goats as treat!
Janna Wilson