Totem to Totem race

Kitkatla Runners

Ursula Jackson brought 20 plus runners from Kitkatla to run Totem to Totem

For me, it was an emotional moment at the finish line. It took our group 14 weeks to plan, organize and fund raise. With the love and support from community, family and friends we made it! We came and we completed what we to Haida Gwaii to do, not only for ourselves but for our loved ones that we hold in our hearts.

As I ran towards the finish line, my eyes filled with tears, tears of joy! My legs felt so weak at one point, but I found it within myself to push harder as I heard the cheers! To see the finish line cheerleader (Sue Gladstone) waving her pom-poms and my mother hollering, “Come on! You can do it!” To receive such a beautiful metal at the finish line. It was so unexpected. The medal is a wonderful keepsake for each and every one of us. I have a gifted mine to my father, Terry Jackson, for he is who I dedicated my run to. He recently found out he has prostate cancer and will be starting his treatment soon. He did the walk with my oldest son.

All the high fives & hugs once we crossed the finish line was overwhelming feeling of excitement and joy! Thank you to all the Totem to Totem organizers for the special memories I shall cherish always.