Thanks – Howa’a

Sponsors & Supporters

Our event could not happen without the ongoing support of local organizations. Totem to Totem organizers wish to thank the organizations which help support T2T.
The ongoing support of Robert Davidson and Eagle of the Dawn Artists Ltd is deeply and sincerely appreciated by the organizers and the runners.

  • Thanks to James Sawyer of Old Massett, who carved this year’s winners’ medals;
  • the BC Ambulance Service;
  • the RCMP;
  • the Skidegate Band Council;
  • the Skidegate Health Centre;
  • Gwaalaagaa naay;
  • O’Brien Road & Bridge;
  • the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure; and
  • The Running Room.

Amazing Volunteers

Our event could not happen without our incredible volunteers. A very big thank you – Howa’a – to all the volunteers who came out. We know that this event could not happen without their contribution. The participation was nearly double from last year and the volunteers were there to help support the runners. The contribution of the volunteers was noted by several of the runners after the event. Thanks to the teams at Balance Rock, Miller Creek, Jungle Beach, St. Mary’s Spring and the Finish Line. In particular, our Finish Line cheerleader extra-ordinaire – Sue Gladstone – who cheered-in every one of the 154 walkers and runners.