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Located off the north west coast of B.C, Haida Gwaii is as far west as you can go in Canada. It is the home and traditional territory of the Haida. It is one of Canada’s undiscovered treasures.

There are two main islands: Graham Island and Morseby. On Graham Island there are several communities; Old Massett (the main village of Old Massett First Nation) in the north and the town of Masset.

Coming down the island there is Port Clements, Tlell, Skidegate (the main village of the Skidegate First Nation) and Queen Charlotte City. The city of Sandspit is located on Moresby Island. A ferry travels regularly between Sandspit and Queen Charlotte City.

Air Canada – Air Canada has daily flights from Vancouver to Sandspit. Check the Air Canada website for times, as the schedule changes.
Pacific Coastal – Pacific Coastal flies daily from Vancouver to Masset.
Inland Air – flies from Prince Rupert to Masset.

B.C. Ferries has a ferry which departs from Prince Rupert and arrives at Skidegate Landing. Check the B.C. Ferries website for details as to departures.

While you are visiting Haida Gwaii, you may wish to rent a car to get around the islands. Car rental supply is limited, so make your arrangements early. You can arrange a car rental to be picked up at the Sandspit Airport.

Alternatively, when you arrive at Sandspit, it is possible to take a bus over to Queen Charlotte City.and you can pick up a rental car at Queen Charlotte City.

If you arrive at Masset at the north end of the Island, you will likely need a car to get down the island. The drive between Masset and Skidegate is just under 2 hours – not taking into consideration stops along the scenic route.

The T2T race events start and end at the Kaay Centre, at Second Beach in Skidegate.

  • The Haida Heritage Centre is located about 2.5 km south of the village of Skidegate
  • The Haida Heritage Centre is about 6 km north of Queen Charlotte City
  • Tlell is about 34 km north from Skidegate
  • Port Clements is about 60 km north of Skidegate
  • The villages of Masset and Old Massett are approximately 100 km and 108 km respectively from Skidegate
  • Sandspit is located on Moresby Island and is a ferry ride away
  • The ferry terminal is about 4 km south of the Kaay Centre

Totem to Totem Marathon at Haida Gwaii
It is strongly recommended that for the event you find accommodation near Skidegate and Queen Charlotte City. There are hotels, Bed and Breakfasts and camp grounds nearby.

Please check the most recent Visitor’s Guide for links and phone numbers for accommodation.

Haida Gwaii is a beautiful destination. Gwaii Haanas National Park and the Haida Heritage Site are jointly protected under federal and Haida legislation. The opportunity to visit various places around the islands is restricted and arrangements must be made in advance.

Moreseby Explorers, located in Sandspit, offers day trips and extended trips.

Fishing – if you enjoy fishing, there are many opportunities to get out with local experienced fishermen. For more information on things to do and see, and to plan your stay, visit