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T2T 2017 – Run for Jaylund

Xuuya Daagwiiyas “Strong Raven” — of the Clan Kaadaas GaaK’iiguwaay.

This year the Totem to Totem Marathon, Half Marathon and 10km Run will be held as a separate event from Skidegate Days. Skidegate Days will be held the weekend of July 8. Totem to Totem will be held on July 15.
On Sunday, July 16, the Skidegate Community will support the Russ family at an “End of Mourning Ceremony” for Jaylund Russ. Jaylund died last spring. His birthday was July 16. He would have been 19 this year. Jaylund was born and raised on Haida Gwaii. He played soccer and basketball with the Skidegate Saints and was an active young man in the community, committed to his family and his friends. He was the type person the Totem to Totem organization seeks to inspire and be inspired by in return.
With the ceremony taking place, there will be a few changes to the T2T event this year. There will be no walk to breakfast. The village will not be in the process of holding Skidegate Days – everyone can run through more easily – so there may be a few faster times. We are also planning some new post-race events. As the plans come together, we will post updates on our website.

T2T wishes to dedicate this year’s event to Jaylund. Come Run Haida Gwaii. Come Run for Jaylund!